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Passing of the Chapter XLVIII Guidon.

Incoming President Vito Pezzillo(L) receives the guidon from the outgoing President Vinny Andreozzi R)

Promotion of Mark Simon to CW4.

Another first for the RI SF Community

Winner of the SFA 2017 Rifle Raffle.

CSM Mike Wong - Another Happy Trooper

CSM John Nolan Retirement Celebration

22 December 2017

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. In this case, maybe 100,000 words!


17 JUNE 2016

We have been hearing about the new shooting range being built by our good friend and supporter, John Haxton, for quite awhile.The Pine Ridge Indoor Range was finished in time for our June meeting, the time we would customarily meet at the Fogarty Range, which is presently closed for repair. So John invited us to visit his place and throw a few rounds downrange. The range is fabulous, 3 rooms with 5 lanes each, state-of-the-art ventilation system and ballistic panels all around. One room is equipped for SWAT teams training with dark/light capabilities and targets that move up and back at variable speeds and with shooter/civilian presentations that show at the last second.  There is a fully stocked sales room with shotguns, rifles and pistols as well as ammo and all the accessories one could want. After the shoot John gave us a presentation and we learned that John, the owner (who's name has escaped) and one other guy did the lions share of the build-out including installing all of the ballistic panels which are large and very heavy and cover most of the building. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a range. They have hourly rates as well as yearly memberships. BTW, John thoughtfully mounted UBL targets for our shooting satisfaction.


30 MAY 2016

For the first time in a very long time our Memorial Day formation took place in the rain. Luckily Jim Wheeler remembered the giant tent set up by the WWII monument for the Governor's Memorial Day Ceremony. As theirs was scheduled for the afternoon we could infil/exfil before anyone was the wiser. Some of us might be forgiven for thinking that we were playing a hip-hop version of the Star Spangled Banner as part of the formation's other changes but it was merely operator error. After the formation we moved down the road to the Homestead Restaurant for a fabulous breakfast and a chance to socialize.

New State Sergeant Major

March 2016

CSM Moises Moniz is pinned by his wife Patti as the TAG looks on.

Another well deserved promotion, SGM Eric Blue.

5 MARCH 2016

Quietly, so as not to step on the Change of Responsibility ceremony taking place the following day, Mo's replacement as Operations SGM at 56 Troop Command, Eric Blue, was pinned at a ceremony so low key that not even Mo knew about it. He and we found out the next day when we saw the shiny, new Sergeant Major at the COR. Congratulations, Bac Si!

In other astronomical news.

Rich Keene observed that there was an almost unheard of constellation of SF SGMs at the COR. 10, both retired and still serving, Sergeants Major led by their Dean, CSM Bill MacNaughton, were finally corralled for a group shot by the President.