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SOP for SFA Chapter XLVIII Necrology
Approved and Adopted by the Members at the 15 January 2020 business meeting

1. Procedure:

a. The name must be proposed by a Chapter member in good standing to the Necrology Committee; or, if required, to the members at a Chapter meeting.

b. A name satisfying the established criteria will be acted up by the Necrology Committee.

2. Criteria:

a. Individual must have received an Honorable Discharge

b. Individual must not have engaged in any activity which would bring discredit upon the Armed Forces of the United States, The Special Forces Association or Chapter XLVIII.

c. A current member of the Chapter at the time of death.

d. A former member of any of the RIARNG Special Forces units whose military service ended and died prior to the Charter being granted to Chapter XLVIII by the SFA on 11Jul90.

e. An Active Duty or National Guard Army Special Forces service member with family ties to Rhode Island when a family member requests that a Chapter member propose the name be added to the Chapter Necrology and the request is approved by the Necrology Committee.

f. A current or former member of Co A, 2/19 SF Group or Special Operations Detachment-Global RIARNG, who was not a member of Chapter XLVIII at the time of death, may be added to the necrology if proposed by a Chapter member and the request is approved by the Necrology Committee.

3. On the Chapter website (www.48sfa.org) the Necrology is listed as “Roll Call of Remembrance”.

4. A name added to the Necrology/Roll Call of Remembrance after 1Oct19 will not have a brick, paid for at Chapter expense, added to the walkway located in the front of the Special Forces monument located at the RI Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery, Exeter, RI.