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SP4 Donald B. Kingsley Jr.


Specialist Fourth Class Donald B. Kingsley, Jr., (age 23) was born on 24 October 1946. He was the son of Donald and Louise Kingsley. He enlisted in Company D, 19th Special Forces Group, RI Army National Guard. After completing Basic Training and the Basic Airborne Course, he was attending Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, NC. The following is an excerpt from an article published in the NY Times: FORT BRAGG, N.C., June 8— Seven Green Beret soldiers were killed and five wounded this morning when 20 pounds of T.N.T. exploded prematurely at their feet during a class in demolition at the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance. The students had heard a 35‐ minute lecture in the bleachers and were taken down range after gathering two sticks of T.N.T. apiece and electric detonating caps from some tables in front of the stand. The casualties, 11 students and an assistant instructor, had inserted the caps into the explosives, linked the charges and spread out in a wide circle, watching the assistant instructor. They had placed the charges on the ground in front of them and were watching the assistant instructor finish attaching the circuit to an electric firing system. They were awaiting his signal to retire to a bleacher stand on the crest of the knoll, when suddenly the 10 charges exploded. Apparently the assistant instructor had picked up unknowingly a “hot” wire attached to the firing system and had connected the wire to the circuit. There were 121 students on the demolition range at the time. He is buried in Highland Memorial Park, Johnston, RI; Section V, Site 794