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Rocky's WWII Talk

Paul "Rocky" Rochford's talk on the 17th Airborne Division's Rhine jump, Operation Varsity, and the Rhur battles which followed.

At the April 19th meeting, during Rocky's talk, he told of a patrol he went on as the 'tail-end Charlie" of his squad. In the ruins of a bombed out city, they were patrolling a section of multi-story buildings that had not been destroyed. Rocky noticed that all of the windows were broken but one. He was contemplating throwing a rock through the glass when he thought his mother would disapprove and so he loped off and left the window intact. Imagine his surprise when, years later, he came across this Bill Mauldin cartoon:

"Go ahead, Joe. If you don't bust it you'll worry about it all night."


Then Pres. Denny Gardiner presents Paul " Brown Shoe" Rochford with a memento he crafted, to demonstrate our regard for his service to C-48 and the U.S.